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Our Services

MAKS Engineering consultancies are a multi-disciplined firm who combine Architectural Design with Engineering Visualization. When creating functional design we believe that all elements need to be harmonious and complimenting to one another, surrounding the core Structure Design we apply our Interior Design, Projects Feasibility Studies, Project Management and Supervision resources.

Our Construction, Quality Control and Quantity Surveillance departments monitor the invisible complex networks underneath and around the visible experience, as we put just as much attention whilst remaining efficient and sustainable to the Eco system of the area, under control by our in-house
Environment department.
Resourceful design through Value Engineering and an expertise understanding of design synergy together, heighten the performance of our firm and clientele, this is how we do it.


The Architecture department of MAKS Engineering Consultancies is at the core of the firm, from here the visionary design, studies of innovation and iconic landmarks can be brought to life through efficient management, detailed analysis of continuous tracking performance.

MAKS Engineering Consultancies has worked with many leading businesses to deliver the best result to our clientele. Our team is built up of middle eastern and western qualified staff who have solid expertise with international projects and accordingly the international codes and standards. These key elements which collaborate together allow our disciplines and engineering capability to shine through to the requirements of our clientele.

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Regional and Urban Planning

MAKS Engineering Consultancies considers the environmental and socio-economical impacts on both the project and its surroundings through solid design and planning strategies to create solutions that continue to work towards sustainable development at the national, regional and local level. MAKS & Partners aims to utilize the land and maximize potential.

MAKS & Partners regional & Urban Planning services include:

  • Regional & City Master-planning Urban planning and Regeneration Social facilities planning

  • Urban design of mixed used development

  • Landscaping and ecosystem management

  • Urban institutional strengthening management capacity building.


Environmental & Sustainability

With the development of larger integrated projects comes the need to create a dedicated department specializes in the engineering of the continuously evolving environmental issues. These include energy usage efficiency, intelligently designed water irrigation networks and temperature control systems. A complete environmental impact study is paramount to foreseeing the variable dynamics of your projects relation to the land and how best to formulate operations accordingly.

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Infrastructures and Transportation

With the growing need for contact between people, commodities, communities, regions, countries and global economies.

MAKS Engineering Consultancies manages the design and projects that range from rehabilitation and maintenance of roadways to smaller inner streets.

The gained experience is integral to the design capabilities, this has grown to include:

• Traffic Engineering

• Transportation Planning

• Highway Engineering



MAKS Engineering Consultancies is in a constant quest to deliver state-of-the-art structural solutions and to enforce rigorous standards of quality and safety making it a key department which allows the ideas of the architects to be safe, functional, efficient and build them to last longer all whilst carrying heavier loads, allowing easier overall maintenance and adhering to international safety standards.



The electrical engineering department facing an increase of high power technology demands with advanced networks, works pro actively to offer services to approach the design of the electricity network in a viable way for many years of escalating demand years ahead.

MAKS Engineering Consultancies offers specialized electrical consulting services such as:
• Lighting

• Building Conveying Systems

• Infrastructure
• Utility management

• Digital Utilities Solutions

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