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MAKS Engineering Consultants

MAKS Engineering consultants represents the dynamic energy of fusion and movement. Fusion in the binding of both scientific and artistic disciplines, concept and detailed design, the old and the new, the dreams and reality.

Movement in the bold mentality the firm has developed to evolve itself, a global crash doesn’t have to bring you to a standstill.

The team blends these core attributes in our daily work and is represented from the management to the designers. We are collectively more than architects, engineers, and project studies, together we are creators.

The Firm

MAKS Engineering consultants is the result of a partnership between Architects, Engineers and Businessmen, where each partner, a leader in his field, has brought his creativity, experience and knowledge, to create an idyllic engineering consultancy firm, rising beyond all expectations.

For many years, MAKS Engineering consultants has presented a creative approach to Architecture and Engineering. Our work reflects the determination of our employees to bring the most satisfaction to our clients and our culture reflects the commitments that our employees have practiced over the years. MAKS concepts have been driven by both, passion and distinction. It is not only buildings and cities that we create, but also a way of life.


We believe that each structure engages with the tradition of its place and positively affects the well being of its surroundings. It is why we are sensitive to the culture and to the climate of each project location, and concerned with its physical context. The company’s head office is located in Dubai & it is structured in 6 main departments: Planning & Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Urbanism and Landscaping and Interior Design.

We are committed to provide all necessary resources for each project, adjusting the in-house allocated workforce to match the type and the scale of the project managers requirements. We are committed to provide for each project, an independent team of Project Managers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, IT Engineers, Landscape architects and Interior Designers, with all necessary office backup.

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