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Contemporary Villa @ Jumeirah Bay


Dubai UAE


Design Development , 2019

Built-up Area

2,330 Sq.m


Lead Designers



Our architectural design aims to create a contemporary modern private villa located at Jumeirah Bay, Dubai. The villa will embody a sleek and stylish design aesthetic, utilizing modern exterior finishes to create a visually striking residence. With a prime location overlooking the sea, the architectural design will maximize the connection with the surrounding natural beauty and provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience for the residents.


The architectural design of the private villa will embrace a contemporary modern style, characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on functionality. The design will prioritize open and fluid spaces, creating a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor areas. The modern design elements will reflect a sense of sophistication and elegance, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the villa.

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The exterior finishes of the villa will be carefully selected to align with the contemporary modern design concept. Materials such as glass, steel, concrete, and natural stone will be incorporated to create a visually appealing façade. The architectural design will emphasize sleek lines and geometric shapes, enhancing the overall modern aesthetic of the villa. The finishes will be chosen to withstand the coastal environment and provide durability and longevity.

The villa's location at Jumeirah Bay, overlooking the sea, will be maximized to create breathtaking views and a strong connection to the natural surroundings. The architectural design will consider the orientation of the villa to optimize sea views from key living spaces, such as the living room, master bedroom, and outdoor areas. Large windows, balconies, and outdoor terraces will be strategically positioned to offer unobstructed vistas of the sea and capture the coastal breezes.

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The architectural design will prioritize luxury and comfort, ensuring that the villa provides a premium living experience for its residents. Spacious and well-appointed interiors will feature high-end finishes, fixtures, and furnishings. The design will include ample natural light, efficient space planning, and integrated smart home systems to enhance convenience and comfort. Outdoor spaces, such as a pool area, landscaped gardens, and outdoor seating areas, will be designed to provide relaxation and leisure opportunities while enjoying the sea views.

The emphasis was to seamlessly integrate the indoor-outdoor spaces, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior spaces. Floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, and open-plan layouts will be employed to create a sense of openness and connectivity with the outdoor environment. Outdoor living areas, such as terraces, patios, and a rooftop deck, will be designed as extensions of the interior spaces, providing opportunities for alfresco dining, entertainment, and relaxation.

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