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Dream Land


Ramadi, Iraq


Design Development

Built-up Area

8 Millions Sq.m


Lead Designers, Lead Planner


ESKAN Developments

MAKS has been commissioned by ESKAN to provide consultancy services in respect to the study and preparation of master plan which have two major functions, the first one is new residential complex for Al-Anbar Province and the second one is the largest entertainment leisure hub for Al- Anbar providence and in the state of Iraq. The objective of the services is to prepare a master plan including a parcel plan and development program, Land-use and Road Layouts and conceptual / Schematic diagrams.

The achievement of these aims will require the exploitation of the areas resources whilst respecting the local relevant authority’s standards and requirements. The purpose of the Dream Land city plan is to establish the overall vision and regularity framework for part A (8.836.185) sqm of residential and commercial and (4.655.481) sqm of leisure and entertainment for part B Handled Review, data-collection, planning guidelines and analysis and also, community facilities provisions A set of criteria and design considerations was established to be taken into consideration, which are

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The Dream Land city project at Anbar will be a signature community within Iraq with a contemporary lifestyle, this self-contained city of 240.000 residents will offer world class shopping at the souk, hotels recreational and leisure activities within a number of open spaces areas as well as evenly spread community facilities which include schools, mosques and cultural centers. The development has been planned with sustainable attitude and with a series of livable neighborhoods all designed for a healthy work live lifestyle

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