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Al Furjan Hotel 3.jpg

Al Furjan Hotel


Dubai, UAE


Design Development , 2010

Built-up Area

20,000 Sq.m


Lead Designers, Lead Consultants


Joze Properties

Al Furjan Hotel is a distinctive architectural project comprising a G+7 floor structure, situated in an upscale location. The design and facade of the hotel aim to create a visually striking and memorable presence while providing a comfortable and inviting environment for guests.

The design of Al Furjan Hotel is characterized by its unique and innovative approach, setting it apart from traditional hotel structures. The architectural concept combines functionality, aesthetics, and contemporary elements to create a design that captivates and delights visitors. The hotel's design embraces a bold and iconic form that stands out in the surrounding urban landscape. The architectural composition may include striking angles, curves, or other geometric elements, creating an eye-catching silhouette.


The interior spaces are thoughtfully planned to optimize functionality and guest experience. The layout incorporates spacious and well-defined areas for various hotel functions, such as guest rooms, reception, dining, conference facilities, and recreational amenities.

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The facade of Al Furjan Hotel plays a pivotal role in defining its unique character. The design of the facade focuses on creating an aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging exterior that complements the overall architectural vision.

Material Selection: Careful consideration is given to the choice of materials for the facade. High-quality materials with unique textures, patterns, or finishes may be selected to add depth, interest, and a touch of luxury to the hotel's appearance.

Decorative Elements: The facade design may incorporate decorative elements that contribute to the hotel's visual appeal. These elements could include intricate patterns, artistic motifs, or innovative cladding techniques that enhance the overall design concept.

Lighting Integration: The facade design may also incorporate lighting elements to highlight specific architectural features or create a captivating nighttime ambiance. Well-placed lighting fixtures and artistic lighting effects can transform the hotel's facade into a stunning visual display.

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