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Mirdif Hills


Dubai, UAE


Completed, 2017


64,000 Sq.m


Lead Designers, Lead Consultants


AH Investments

Mirdif Hills is a residential complex in the vibrant neighborhood of Mirdif, Dubai. The complex consists of six mid-rise buildings, each with five floors, and twelve townhouses. The design will focus on creating a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainable features, providing a comfortable and modern living environment for residents.

The complex will feature six mid-rise buildings, these buildings will house a variety of residential units, catering to different preferences. The architectural design will prioritize efficient floor plans that optimize space utilization while ensuring ample natural light and ventilation. The exterior facades will reflect a contemporary aesthetic, blending with the surrounding urban landscape.

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In addition to the mid-rise buildings, the residential complex includes twelve townhouses. These townhouses will offer residents a more spacious and private living experience. The architectural design will focus on creating functional layouts, with well-defined living spaces, bedrooms, and outdoor areas.

Situated in Mirdif, Dubai, the residential complex benefits from its prime location and access to amenities and services. The architectural design will consider the surrounding urban context, ensuring a seamless integration with the neighborhood's aesthetic and character. Additionally, the complex will have well-designed pathways, parking areas, and security measures to provide residents with convenience, safety, and a sense of community.


Mirdif Hills aims to create a modern and sustainable residential complex in Mirdif, Dubai. With six mid-rise buildings and twelve townhouses, the design prioritizes functionality, aesthetics, and sustainable features. The complex will provide a comfortable and vibrant living environment, offering residents a range of housing options and access to amenities that promote well-being and a sense of community.

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