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Um Al Diman Residential Housing


Dubai, UAE


Completed, 2018

Built-up Area

950,000 Sq.m


Lead Designers, Lead Consultants



The Umm Al Diman Residential Housing is an expansive residential complex located in Dubai, offering a total of 624 villas designed in a traditional architectural style. Situated in the area of Umm Al Diman at Al Ain Road, this development captures the essence of Dubai's cultural heritage while providing a comfortable and modern living experience.

The architectural design of the villas embraces the traditional elements of local architecture, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of Dubai. The villas are designed as single-story structures, reflecting the traditional style while providing a sense of spaciousness. The exteriors feature distinctive elements such as ornate arches, traditional motifs, and decorative detailing, creating a visually captivating façade. Earthy color palettes are employed, harmonizing the villas with the natural surroundings.

MERAAS Night.jpg

Within the complex, residents will find a range of amenities designed to enhance their quality of life. A central focal point of the community is the mosque, which stands as a symbol of unity and faith. The mosque incorporates traditional architectural elements, creating a serene space for residents to worship and come together as a community.

Siteplan 2015-12-14.jpg

The Umm Al Diman Villas complex also includes ample green areas, emphasizing the importance of nature in creating a harmonious living environment. Landscaped gardens, parks, and open spaces are strategically placed throughout the complex, providing residents with opportunities to relax, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. These green areas serve as gathering spaces, fostering a sense of community and encouraging social interactions among neighbors.

Masterplan 2015-12-14 low.jpg

The interior spaces of the villas are designed to provide comfort and functionality. Each villa offers a well-planned layout with spacious rooms, allowing residents to personalize their living spaces according to their preferences. Large windows ensure an abundance of natural light and ventilation, creating a bright and airy atmosphere within the homes.

The Umm Al Diman Villas complex embodies a harmonious blend of traditional architecture, modern comforts, and community-centric amenities. It provides residents with a peaceful and culturally rich living environment, surrounded by lush greenery and inviting communal spaces. This development celebrates Dubai's heritage while offering a contemporary lifestyle for its residents.

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